Words Worth a Thousand Pictures

by Hex One

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Marcomoto82 one Love Hex 💛 Favorite track: My Story.
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Euphonious Lyrics is everything to a track. Not just a beat and how hard it kicks. This is what keeps me coming back to this album, and why I listen to it over and over without getting tired of it. Especially being a poet/lyricist/MC myself, if the lyrics are tight, I can listen to it for the rest of my days of living. Much love, Hex. Just ordered the Vinyl LP. Gonna be blasting it through my speakers. As I left in the message, you and Tek are on my top 5. Peace. Favorite track: Yes Y'all.
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runSPOTrun Lyricly tight with that new heavy beat jazz fusion sound. Def one of my main go-to albums right now.
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Fueled by today's lack of appreciation and the decline in the art of the lyricist, Hex One's latest album 'Words Worth a Thousand Pictures' aims to take a stand for those who are truly masters of their craft. Technical, yet with a clear and concise message and deeply personal at times, Hex One offers a glimpse into his life as an MC and the world he lives in as seen through the scope of his lens. Backed by hard headnodic beats, deep, soulful samples with east coast and jazz influences, and booming drums and bass lines, Hex masterfully shatters contemporary society's notion of Hip-hop being a lowbrow genre of music. Despite music itself being highly subjective in nature, he aims to remove some of this subjectivity and boldly proclaim that some art simply takes more skill than others and talent is most certainly measurable. The ironic disconnect, however, between this measure of talent and the measure of one's success poses to be one of his life's greatest woes. The album is thus presented with a subtle melancholic tone throughout, as he struggles to come to terms with this realization. The bigger irony perhaps being that he does so with the same intricate attention to detail and lyrical prowess that is undervalued and overlooked in Hip-hop's musical landscape today. His philosophy remains: if a picture is worth a thousand words, so too can a poets words be worth a thousand pictures.


released October 13, 2017

Intro - Produced by Chief
Yes Y’all - Produced by Figub Brazlevic, additional vocals by Noritsu
Where I’ll Go - Produced by Klaus Layer
My Story - Produced by Klaus Layer, scratches by DJ Proppo’88
Sallyble Mux-ip - Produced by Emune, scratches by DJ PhiLogic, vocal samples provided by Type Raw
Back to the Boom - Produced by Figub Brazlevic
Extraterrestrials - Produced by Drippy
Leave It All Behind - Produced by Type Raw, scratches by Loot Fattig
Flava for Ya Mind - Produced by Devaloop
I’m Gone - Produced by KLIM Beats
Peep the Steeze - Produced by Planet Ragtime, featuring Skyzoo
Energies - Produced by Fibug Brazlevic, featuing Tek-nition, additional vocals by Noritsu
All songs written and performed by Hex One
Recorded and mixed by Hex One


all rights reserved


Track Name: Intro
"Nobody knows who he is"
"Nah it's not a matter of so they know who I am. It's a matter of knowing that I can do it you know. It's a matter, it's for me it's not for nobody else to see, I don't care if, I don't care about nobody else seeing it. All these other people who don't write, they're excluded I don't care about them, you know, they don't matter to me. It's for us."
Track Name: Yes Y'all
Verse 1
I flow to infinity melt the sky blow the vicinity
Roasting enemies who say they're homies known to be kin of me
Help them fly the shells held them high close to divinity
Hell defines me myself and I holiest trinity
Bottles will spill 'til I tap the bottom of wells
Throwing darts at mademoiselle swear to God I'm out of my shell
Do you spark L's with chron strong enough to rock a narc's bells
Naw but I hawk bars sharper than voodoo doll spells
It's all real but now the plot will start to get intricate
The colombian cartel with the bosnian syndicate
Brauds will get intimate with the dog pardon my french but
The heart of my intellect is like the darkest part of the internet
Hard to digest it goes over y'all like charters and jets
Or scars your neck like a barber off of his step
I ought to get vexed to get these thoughts up off of my chest
Yo the arts that you authors offer are often awful at best
I reveal skill with the steel quill who's the real deal
You said I wasn't ill yo chill how yo grill feel
I bet you're teething it wasn't dope if I ain't left you fiending
And had the whole entire venue screaming like

Verse 2
I exercise minds mic's get burned Hex electrifies
Lines striking words like the third rail
What I write bites a tweaker it'll either have him right like Sativa
Or so hype that he might spike a seizure
The pipe dreamer trying to glow bright like heaters
Niggas hold tight before them cold nights ice the fever
It's quite nice to meet ya yo it's bona fide that
My flow's as live as when the poet Nas lights the ether
Your bars feeble and weak I'm raw yo my scores
Are like swords they all get temper treated with heat
I'll let you soft rappers read em and weep
Ya'll some offhanded cross branded non factors we the elite
You try to test and it's immediate beef I peeped how
You sheep be rolling deep I bet you that's the key to your sleep
The street media dope journalist
Who keeps the pen on lock like cell blocks that hold murderers
You folks heard of us boy this the game that we play e'y day
Tear it down and make the crowd say mayday
Ey unless it's Hexagon against y'all camp
Yo I bet that I can get y'all amped now sing the chant
Track Name: Where I'll Go
Verse 1
And for my dogs
It's life or death when the viper's steps lead 'em in hell
Treat 'em as frail feel my righteous texts read 'em in brail
Is it mainstream to dream yo neither can tell
We carry the same genes from the fiends in eden that fell
Freedom or jail our choices through these alleys and streets
Fuel the voices in the valleys and peaks that propagate as a
Sound wave we're slaves but we've raised newfound ways
To get paid and get up off the ground through crowd praise
So play the music loud you now face the crowned
Whose nouns blaze a mile above the clouds to sprout rays
And get you around blue down days who doubts true
Rhyme grace Hex already knew how you clowns sways
My shrewd style's bru-tal you child's play
But all these new smiles is wild strange the rest is has-beens
With cash I invest in mad pens smash ten
Before you get to digest the last gem
The def assassin I'm colder than the specs in Aspen
The flow that you spitters flex is trash bin so
Let me shout and show you what this rep about
While you sit back and just

Cause I don't know
Where I am where I've been where I'll go
But I've never had a feeling like this before so
I'ma let the music rock and just flow
And I don't know
Where I am where I've been where I'll go
Will I stand will I sin will I grow
I don't know

Verse 2
I was exposed to the elements but I broke the code and rose to
Excellence and now flows show prose through intelligence
Do shows for delegates who relish its relevance
While the jealous ones will seldom embellish its elegance
Man fuck it this music I do this shit 'cause I love it
While these losers moving units abuse it and take advantage of it
And you support that right but not the raw rap type
It starts with you the consumer is where the fault's at
So fall back cause everything's a bit extreme
Your big dream is a little darker than that picnic scene
And trust son if I wanted a get rich quick scheme
I wouldn't do it trying to spit sixteens
Or trying to nitpick through six second clips trying to flip sick beats
Half a millions clicks and finally some shit fits sweet
Cats will sell their soul for fame if you won't ass kissing
Whack spitters cause they got a bigger name and you don't
Shit welcome to the rap life and son you better get your cash right
There ain't a lot of money when you smash mics
And for you half pints that got deals that life is not real
If your Glock peels for rocks and them hot wheels
In them streets thuggin' stunting within a budget
But no publishing thinking this whole industry's bugging
It's rough kid I feel you it's still true there's a lot that cats will do
For mills through this ill zoo

Track Name: My Story
Verse 1
Eyo once upon a rhyme some time not long ago
There was a little knuckle headed brat with awesome flow
Yo he would dream that he'd get money and cars and blow
But when he woke up this kid he thought he lost his soul
His teachers said he came across as slow but they ain't know
'Bout the struggles that would bubble in his awkward skull
Every morning like a nightmare walking to class rocking some
Busted up nike airs no one would laugh but the
Feeling was still right there homie didn't speak
He thought the holes he felt inside his soul were only in his sneaks
He spent a lot of time at home mostly with his peeps
Would've played outside but it was cold and lonely in the streets
Thinking why would God throw me in this beast
And deep into the night he would hold his dreams closely in his sleep
Man around the time the skies blew up his moms moved
With music by his side as he grew up yo this is my story

Verse 2
And then high school
Came shorty was going through his resistant stages
Distant faces fam moving through different places
This kid was anxious so his style stayed inside
Cause blazing by from town to town made him shy
A loner who hung around his corner with a few friends
Some were snakes some were true kin just doing
The same shit that you would do if ever you've been
Inside the shoes of students of the game trying to prove then
That you and your bro not punks he grew status
And traded his new balances for low top dunks
Kicking rhymes in the lunch room just him and his mans
For different fans 'fore they even had a business plan
Yo they was mad young only pen and pads no one had funds
But still they found a way to laugh and just have fun
He graduated even though he played a fool
Something changed when he went away to school though

Verse 3
Right before the first LP and twelve G's later in school loans
It was time to kill the game and put these haters in tomb stones
He flew home his crew grown his plans in tact
They didn't hesitate and started making slamming tracks
The fam was back his world lifted but something shifted in his
Brain shit was strange he started looking as his girl different
He saw a lot of ups and downs smiles shrugs and frowns
And stressful nights going to work rocking button downs
Relationships would teeter in and out of danger
From anger to see his pops treat him like a stranger
The pain that it brought about was not a lot of good
He kept it to himself that's probably why nobody understood
He would spit a sentence and emit it in a song
'Til he was calm and felt as if his enemy was gone
A chemistry was spawned this little nigga's energy was strong
It was on as soon as Illin' Spree was born
Track Name: Sallyble Mux-ip
Verse 1

So what do these words mean?
Dope meaning like my brand new Mercedez Benz out there, my car yo that car is dope!
No, this isn't a foreign langue, it's just street jargon.
Chilling means to cool out, everybody know what's cool.
Everyone has their own language you know. West coast, east coat. Everyone has their own style of language.

Verse 2
I put your mental in a
Vexed position this wicked exposition keeps you guessing
The speech I flex could teach you lessons so it's best you listen
Your best rendition I'll flip it fresher than prepubescents
You're just a feast for the beast you're stressing I left you stricken
Radically spit flows and give you minimal nosebleeds
If you actually give your attention to these syllables closely
I riddled the whole scheme with riddles that'll rattle your shit show
Emphatically get dough and spend it like refillable proceeds
Infallible mix ups blended with them lyrics you fucks with
The shit is robust yet its deadly as diagonal wrist cuts
The gig's up confess duke these scribbles had you confused yet
You reenacting what Hex do's like cripples dancing the two step
So move back cause it ain't gon' happen yo them raps you flipping
Make you think you trapping but in fact you tripping when your lips is flapping
And your act is slipping and the kicks are slapping cause the track is kicking
And I'm spitting and I'm just running it like laps when ripping
Is it an act of fiction is it a magic trick then am I gripping
A rabbit inside of a hat when rapping or am I actually gifted
For this gem I crafted full of backwards diction
My definitive action's that I had to switch it with a sick abstraction nigga

Syllable mix-up. Deadly as a critical wrist cut. What, what.
Now go back to the first verse and try to figure that shit out son. Word up.
Track Name: Back to the Boom
Verse 1
I remember summers in killa queens still a teen chilling with
Wild brothers we'd just run around rummaging stealing things
Spilling themes over beyond the margin to fill its seams
Drilling fiends with a couple bars of my illest schemes
They would joke and say It's crack unknowingly growing
The potency of my poetry when they chose to play it back
Stay intact cause catching me laying tracks is like being
Stranded on planet Namek and watching a super Saiyan scrap
Eyo we too deadly hit up my nigga Figub
For a couple jigga jiggas and a rude medley
I rock a groove steady veggie heads I've moved plenty
Who's ready for the heavy true school new Reggie
Here to blaze ya for those in doubt these golden sounds
Will amaze ya so hold it down I be that chief scholar
Leave your noggin throbbing like some cheap vodka
Here to show you how to rock a beat proper word bond

Verse 2
Yo we some loons two fiendish goons who sleep in tombs
You get voided when we enter and send you to meet your doom
You'll get anointed when I end ya cause when that verbal joint
Is pointed at your center boom give me some room
My street platoon is true spitters while these new dudes is
Bruce Jenner shoes glitter beefing with their boo on Twitter
But I ain't hating yo take it slow ain't it cold
That if you rape the culture then you make the dough
Everything is backwards my boom bap is fracturing your dome piece
I'ma switch to trap and murder rappers on their own beats
Once I start the hacking with my hatchet yo it won't seize
There's no peace this barrel makes the marrows in your bones freeze
Word up I've never heard of herbs that could hurt us
Your circle's just some circus acts in surplus
You put your whack verse versus us it's worse cus
And I ain't stutter yo my rhymes butter
Track Name: Extraterrestrials
Space aliens draconian Greys with a strange alias
Uncivil reptilians who evade Pleiadians
Drain craniums motherships that invade stadiums
Crazed pagans and Martian plains that display gradients
Crop circles in plain grain with insane radius
Herds of cattle with drained veins and with maimed tracheas
Ronald Reagan's deranged statement has raised craziness
It's fate maybe this great nation was raised atheist
But mainly it's to make your brain react and hurt your vision
I hope you heard them zany maniacs could work efficient
They spread disinformation first and keep the earth in prison
Being driven by your thirst to listen was your worst decision
Divert your wisdom with them camera tricks
Equipped with manuscripts elliptic planet trips and ancient landing strips
Gigantic shifts in plate tectonics and volcanic rifts
Will cause you panicked pricks to sit and wait for Satan's magic tricks
I stay debating how these cats is ruthless
The only UFOs I know are NASA satellites that track your movements
The only aliens is politicians and the invasion is their propositions
Fiction? yo I got suspicions / The plots is missing from this equation
But listen even freemason flee agents in this bleak matrix
I know the search for information yo it seems basic
But it drives you crazy in extreme cases stick to the program
Track Name: Leave It All Behind
Verse 1
Eyo these gritty cops and
Robbers stock nine millies glocks and rockets
Surrounded by shitty spots city blocks and projects
The object for silly props is logic cause big willies
Clocking profits be copping pretty rocks and watches
Live in the midst of intimate problems infants is
Missing on scholarships in the wish for infinite dollars
They link with ballers to these kids their mission is lawless
Sinking but never blink so they think their vision is flawless
All this hell is swelling my dome it got me prone
To these coke selling zealots yo cause hell is my home
This tale is my own let chrome embellish my bones
Or end up as a jealous felon with a cell as my zone
I know these options the only slot is my lonely conscious
I blow these toxins for the topics that hold me hostage
My optics coldly show me its lowly contents
I'm just another brother that struggles to know these concepts dog

Yo in my mind I get lost sometimes I fall in line with the stars
In the dark through my thoughts and rhymes
Then I rise like the sun the full moon controls the tides
By the slums for the flocks who live their lives by the guns
Flying through this broken sky going nowhere in a hurry
Vision blurry from the coke and la
Yo in my mind I get lost sometimes but then I find that
I'm really trying to leave it all behind

Verse 2
It's all about the Benjamins not the sentiments nowadays
This life could make you demented depending on how it plays
This vital stage has got us violent with primal rage
Modern age steadily raids the global like tidal waves
Yet it's all about the bitches in clubs dig in your funds
Youngin's in the crib neglected make a living in drugs
Slip through the slums with plots of copping pistols and guns
Dodging cops and sticking victims up for grizzles and crumbs
Now they're stuck with double figures in jail awaiting bail
Sheisty players trying to slay 'em nightly praying they fail
Hiding traits that might depict 'em as frail feeling like
A minute in the prison system is as swift as a snail
Striving only for respect fuck success crying lonely
From the stress depressed trying boldly to repress
It's best you listen closely 'fore becoming the next head
For bread dying slowly from regret in your death bead


Verse 3
We're bombarded with countless
Objects yet most of us watch the constant
Gossip and lies sex violence and nonsense
Censoring truth with senseless news renders the youth
Helpless confused and subjected to these ghettos and crews
Rebels and goons crimes at deadly levels and tombs
Grimy fools that's robbing dudes for diamond pebbles and jewels
Avenues and settlements where crack is peddled and moved
Dwellings where metal wielding devils seldom meddle and cruise
Venom infused with nectar these denizens choose either eloquent
Hues or blues depending on who views the spectra
In the pursuit of loot coupes and extra it's never the root's texture
It's only the decadent fruit juice that gets ya yo
To me it's all the same cause life is beautiful but forged in pain
Like a gorgeous orchid with an awkward frame
That shit is awesome but it's often strange
The way it offers blossoms that it brought with rain

Track Name: I'm Gone
Verse 1
I be up in the lab composing letting the minutes drag and seconds tick
As I sit in front of my pen and pad just frozen
Alone as I go through my pain I slowly focus my aim
And let that hocus pocus flow through my brain
Another story scripted I'm chasing glory like Berry Gordy
Before he lived it but the basis of my allegory's cryptic
I'm sure he's gifted what makes someone like him and I so
Different though if I ain't winning I go gets it
But yo it's twisted you either gangsta with a gat cocked
Or an awful rapper and a cash crop all my thoughts
Captured in a snapshot I'm just a human in the
Truman show surrounded by some actors and a backdrop
So is it even real the way my movements and my
Breathing feel it's like I'm in a movie set with Steven Spiel
With no escaping yo it's hard to find that dough I'm chasing
Thats why my heart and mind are always racing
The goal is patience to die old our lives owe
No equations the rhymes cold flow is blazing son
I gotta make it though this chapter on my own
But right now I'm trapped up in the zone

It's on I'll find a way out and then I'm gone
I'm gone I'll find a way out and then it's on
It's on I'll find a way out and then I'm gone but
I'm going through it let it play out and then it's on

Verse 2
Some of them emotions that just
Exit out like oceans when I'm focused and my pen comes out
Be some things that I don't even tell my closest friends about
Like when my brother straight up flipped and pulled a gun
Out on me and my chick yo this ain't no made up shit
A metal slug almost filled me how can I still be
Glowing knowing my own flesh and blood almost killed me
Huh but I just left it in stride so all that anger and that
Sadness and that pride I suppressed it inside
But I guess I got a sensitive mind I started panicking in
Crowded places people were like mannequins with shrouded faces
Feels like my sanity is vanishing without it's traces
But I just hide it in my silent stasis my will's
Beaten the quill bleeding's the real reason
My skills feel ill even it spills decent
I'm still breathing I'm chasing bills like I'm thrill seeking
But I could hear the wheel from the film reel squeaking
I'm back to frame one yo I'm starting to think
These images is all the same son but when the
Pain's done I'll make it through this chapter on my own
Even though right now I'm trapped up in the zone

Track Name: Flava for Ya Mind
Verse 1
I wrote the symptoms of my own sickness I'm just a victim of my own vice
Afflicted with this soul on ice addicted to the cold nights
My whole life depicted as pictures when I hold mics
Be moving in slow motion like the flickers in a strobe light
The flow tight but with no dough to get my folk right
We're rolling loaded dice up in this gold heist it's so trife
So while you boasting how you sold a brick of snow white
I'll spit some shit with lyrics dope enough to lift the coke price
My soul is timeless so I never sold it for profit it's ironic
Trying to cope with being broke when you know that you got it
The road to growth be the motive for scholars but even those
Who use knowledge to gross their dollars get exploited through college
It's either that or crime I chose the middle path with
Tracks and making patterns rhyme if that's the wrong route
Then no doubt i'm prone to grab a microphone and zone out
Then freak it 'til the speaker cones get blown out
My goal's to keep it mad tight

Verse 2
Eyo this mental pressure
Drives me crazy cause lately all my days been melancholy
I think I might be going through a slight depression probably
From putting effort in this reckless hobby since a snotty
Nosed kid hoping his shit blows when he grows big
But the show's rigged and yo I'm so sick
Of no one showing love still I won't quit or budge
No interest in the drinks and drugs cause 'til I get record
Spins and plugs ain't no spliff I could hit to help me get this buzz
I'm just misfit with a grudge who clutches pens like killers
Grip the snubs so when I spit you think it's clips and slugs
Just from the way they hit you but you already know the
Flow is deadlier than blades and pistols kid that ain't the issue
It's that nobody cares my wildest fear is to put
A lot of years in my career but never reach nobody's ears
It kind of got me scared cause if I don't fly
I may have to bid the underground goodbye yo that's no lie son
That's why I gotta climb the thought of grinding out a
Job from nine to five to follow dollar signs is out of line
I might just be the illest cat that no one's heard
But I'll live on through pictures captured on my words
Observe I keep it mad tight
Track Name: Peep the Steeze (Ft. Skyzoo)
Hex One
Eyo I'm verbally quick active surgeon when I serve you these clips
Equip 'em with third degree murder insert and we split
Thirty of these dirty worthless turtle hermits we rip
That's word to me clique furtively spurt a verse and we spit
The burner we grip I hope you herbies heard that we sick
Since birth to being burped my words will be slick
Working with emergency shit I'll murk you making Mercury slip
Out of it's orbit reroute it toward the Earth and we dip
My shit's immaculate my steel is harder than a statue is
Giving you chills the skills that I'm harboring is cancerous
Whenever spilling these lyrics a brick is what I smack you with
So fast you have to get a slow motion camera to capture it what
Son I spit 'til I fade back to blackness
Slaying them wack cats playing the back lacking practice kid
Spraying like MACs laying the facts hatless
The praying mantis still we kill you with rip tactics
Fuck the wackness caps get smashed to ashes
Madness show no pity slaughtering your captains
Niggas so shitty on their track list my witty flows
Could put your whole city under water like Atlantis son
So could you manage? nah we do damage
My crew's savage like two spanish Bruce Banners dog
Yo with this mic apparatus I move planets
So challenge my school the tools brandish

Eyo peace yea some of y'all nice but the rest peep the steeze
I get blood on my mic when I press these MCs
We be keeping it real that's how we feel what the deal
Oh you think you got skill? ya'll not ill son

Elitist no pardon me it's
More so fuck out the way when I barge me in
They said they rarely saw five stars on a repeat
Let alone a three-peat 'til I part three'd it
If seeing is believing then the scales I be in
Is tracing out the blatant and you Braille ID it
Visionary riches like a record of mine
And how I step on rewind became the trails y'all needed
No step on the vine no trails of a remix
Just everything you came for tucked in a safe or
Tucked in a Goyard humming while the plane board
A verse from me is that dressed in a Bape store
Made more between giving rebuttals
And becoming Carter Slade and ghost penning for others
I'm dope dripped in a puddle on a spoon
Recovering the bloom with your top five jumping out the room

Chorus x2
Track Name: Energies (Ft. Tek-nition)
Hex One
It's like I don't belong I'm too eccentric for the
Regular folk to focus long I guess I wrote this song
Knowing that I'd always go unnoticed and I won't get known
And out of anger added clever quotes to make it hopeless for 'em
Cause I don't care 'bout views I just make sure the kicks and snares
I use are dope and share my blues with those who wear my shoes
I bare my truths for you to analyze as art
And see the scars left behind by those that vandalized my heart
A simple thought could change your whole perspective I pour my
Soul on records but the message doesn't sell so niggas won't respect it
I don't regret shit but I kind of want way more
I'm like that unpaid drummer on the subway floor
I'm on a one way course to nowhere I don't care
As long as I know my rhymes reflect what I felt
That's why I hold these mics real tight right because in real life
It's like I have a problem with expressing myself
Well I guess that's just the deck that I was dealt feelings
I dodge 'em and swerve my friends think my heart is hollow and firm
I want to honor them but how does it work cause in the end
If it's without a verse or pen I end up swallowing words
I just wallow and purge making music in an age where
What pays lays the blueprints and a dollar is first
I look for solace and acknowledge this curse and just let it be
Cause I could think this over endlessly or I could realize that

It's like I'm socially minished never been vocally vivid
I openly expose my feelings through these poetry sentences
By writing these songs showing what my soul has envisioned
Wove 'em with rhythm and hope most of you feel 'em but furthermore it's for me
So honestly don't even get it half twisted
Sit back and relax be happy that I let yo ass listen
Now I don't give a damn if you respect it or like it / It reflects on your life? consider it collective enlightenment
I ain't here for the hype or flex about some checks that I'm writing
Or tell you 'bout some stressful environment which I resided in where they
Scrutinize ya screw up the lives they take the youth and then they
Euthanize 'em modern day noose and tie revolutionized
The proof's inside the pudding putting my folks in strenuous
Positions that send them into continuous conditions listen
I have no problem moralizing that shit
More how you ignorant niggas love to glorify with that shit
So right before I bow and let the chorus drown in this shit
Speak only words that's pure from out of my lips that's on the real
Guess I'm trying to fulfill my needs kneel to my knees until I feel
I'm free and try to instill my seed with everything he needs because I know 

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