String Theory

by String Theory

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A cosmic event so minuscule and rapid that it is unsure as to whether it even occurred at all. This was the precursor to the formation of String Theory. A group and its self titled album comprised of Epidemic's Hex One and Swedish beat maker Boom Bappin' Zombie Darney. Only outside the realms of a structured paradigm can such a happening even begin to be analyzed. So too only under these conditions can it be formed. With concepts ranging from the abstract to the concrete, this anomaly in space time, this rift in the conscious fabric of reality, this naked singularity attempts to answer the basic human question: who are we really? The ambiguity of the universe's many laws is what drives this question, as every soul on this plane is searching for their own personal theory of everything. We ride it's intergalactic currents, weaving between supposed realities and lucid dreams, only to reminisce on how beautiful it all used to be. A graceful marriage between multilayered resonance and the seemingly forgotten art of rap. The inception of this body of work blurs the notion of identifying it as an album, as it is
simply a juncture made possible by infinitely specific circumstances, without which, String Theory would never have existed at all.

If we are a simulation, then in the ways that matter to us... we are real enough.


released March 25, 2014

Written by Hex One, Produced by BBZ Darney, Cuts by DJ Tha Boss, Cuts on "Realities by DJ Grazzhoppa.


all rights reserved


Track Name: String Theory
I'm the apex the gate bridge create scripts shaking you into space bits
Complacent's the basis for basic
We take trips to faint dimensions commencing the great shift
My main objective's ejecting your brain chips breaking you out this fake grid
And back to earth with verses hard enough to crack the turf
And violent drama prompting a gat to burst
This track's the first of what we've brung enter the stage scene one
When Hex puts the pen to the page beats run
The frame of a sentinel weighs three tons you become
Prey to the cage we spun contesting us listen really it seems dumb
My fleet won so flee son be gone or be gunned
It's begun we creep from the hollows
We swallow planets and freeze suns nigga we speak tongues
Creating civilizations with tribes liable to beat drums
The heat comes in large waves making head and abdomen part ways
Yo I'd rather travel than star gaze
This odd maze is entrapped in chasms and hall ways
Causing you rats to spasm it all plays backwards
At long range just bold face actors in wrong lanes
These dark laced tracks attract blackness in broad day
What y'all say is wackness I'm john blaze it's raw check it
When I begin to spar reckless I warp records
We jog hecklers' mental crevices with these drawn weapons
We launch messages to far stretches like star trekkers
My bars' rep is a law as blessed as gods efforts
The fraud jesters spreading false lesson is cross dressers
Who faded you could envision clearly that it's tainted
But listen to the theory that explains it String Theory
Track Name: Theory of Everything
Yo, gather thoughts for the travels lost magnum force sparks
Smash a corpse into apple sauce, rap avatars, back track crash massive stars
Ragnarok's what these laws cost, pause, raw songs for them dogs crossed
Launch bombs from the gods palms grab ya cross
Mad applause for this album's clause, its source
But the hammer that forged man was flawed, its drawn, wrong

Verse 1
Word is bond let me correct, he shatters this vast galactic levee and jets
Ain't a set heavier he's met deadlier threats barely a vet
But the vexed envy he's wary of hasn't buried him yet, so he, walks past it
Talks fast with his jaw spastic, draws asterisks on mental walls,
Small fragments, its all graphic, the short whore the tall half wit
Stark accents, court orders, frauds acting, he starts laughing
This shit isn't really surprising to watch his body dematerializing
See he's realizing to leave the environment that keeps him
He must seek the assignment's completion
To flee the islands beach you must reach the horizon, so heed the advisement
Read me the fine print, bereave me with nonsense relieve the confinement
This speech be a diamond conceived via climate, a plea perceived via rhyming
All these bleak beliefs deceive me in silence, the gods inner, self

"When you hear the science guys talking about the theory of everything
We're not talking about the same thing."


Verse 2
He's a pawn storming his chess board
Stays ignoring laws to conquer this next score through frail states
And stalemates he tells fates and just checks y'all
His fail safe's to quell hate with this dense wall
Of quark matter, raw chatter, logged data
Nigga jogs through the fog making smog scatter but he's bogged rather
The kid is caught, in the dark, with a heart, that just throbs in clogged spatter
So it wont add up, not in this world the only honest thought he got is his girl
So he calls at her, but she wont answer, just a false prankster
All his stalled feelings fall he dissolves faster, 'til he's gone past the
Point of no return, sparks a joint and as it slowly burns thinks of all he learned
This one thought got him beside himself
Yo he found the theory of everything inside himself, yea

"And all that which lies between. From the cells to the stars
To the quantum particles, oh yes we're going a lot deeper with this one"

Track Name: Currents
Verse 1
Atrocious tactics to host the masses behold the madness
We roast the halfwits as cold as cats that holster ratchets
With open caskets for these hopeless bastards posed as rappers
Explosive tracks could make my pulse as fast as ocean rapids
Traverse the unknown expose the atlas
My verses uphold subversive drum rolls to mold the path with
Too bold to catch it so you worthless clones get shown what wrath is
And all below the average actors will get blown to ashes
So watch me settle scores as I relinquish the snobs
With english my linguistics could extinguish a stellar core
A top physician could not incision these metaphors
That's why my efforts for impressive bars is F'ing raw
The lion that not even Noah could lift up
Got an aura like Jehovah from scripture paranoia gon' grip ya
Rats hide before this flow'er come get cha
Raps tighter than a boa constrictor
(Nigga you know what the deal is)

Yea yo I'm that awesome force
That's sure to knock you spitters off your course
Strong winds bring the tide in to soak you with the blend
We've been providing and flood the mental state you kids reside in

Verse 2
I'm the poster child for the folks that wild
We invoke the crowd so get a close up now before I ghost the style
The string theory smear sentences sincerely
'Til kids hear me and give me millions of spins yearly
You been weary I bring merely that bomb shit
You sing nearly in every song clearly theres conflict
Really it's garbage all that sob teary eyed soft shit
Is nonsense I'm lost why do y'all see me as conscious
When I'm just a regular man on a secular plan
For grands trying to stay ahead of the lambs
Yo I'll be writing these incredible jams until my skeletal sands
And niggas read my shit with retinal scans
This one goes out to unforgettable fans who study my lyrics
With grit until they and sever all their cerebral strands
I spin the globe to any sensible land and rip a show
I'm fina blow just like a chemical plant you niggas know

Track Name: Intergalactix (ft. uMaNg)
Yo I'm relentless I make my way though the tempest
Escape the earth and stray through this endless
(and break through it's entrance)
Cause yo these mic styles is infinite
Sit back and watch how we kick this shit
Yo I'm tremendous I make my way though the tempest
Escape the earth and stray through this endless
(to break through this entrance)
Cause yo these mic styles is infinite
Sit back and watch how we kick this shit (word up)

Verse 1 (Hex One)
Peep the tactics in the realm of speech you lacking practice
I put words to sleep and use the canvas as the mattress
Inter-galactics stomp my feet and crack the atlas
The vocal beast known for eating planets like Galactus
I never been this high yet never smoked
Look at the sky for stars right beside the endless quotes
This menace wrote and if you see 'em nearer you could tell it's dope
Cause my reflection’s clearer than the mirrors on a telescope
I shine bright it's a sight to take a flight with me
You might just see them lights up in the sky tonight was me
We search for other types of life to find a tight MC
As nice as me who keeps it hype and rocks a mic with hyper speed
Now all these interstellar rappers say they scar victims
But yo we've been to plenty stars systems
And since these snakes babel I find it funny how these fake mammals
Haven’t even achieved space travel word bond


Verse 2 (uMaNg)
My energy never cease to exist
Y'all got it twisted thinking a black hole the deepest abyss
I give birth to a multitude of universes for you people to dig
Instead of awakening you keeping your lids closed
Block off your breathing at the point of your bridged nose
You royally destroyed in the tempo
I'll believe in a Bruce Banner before the first moon landing
Actually happened they using a fool's camera
I'm braggadocious in my affirmations
Ask NASA what they spoke about with Kennedy before the assassination
Stars align within my bars and rhymes
Now you able to peak with me to a higher vibrational frequency
Rappers quit acting paranoid we take that very noise silence it
Send you right back at the zero point
Don't make a mention of me I got unconventional means
Conceptually a multi-dimensional being
Track Name: All Beautiful
Yo I'm addicted to this sickness the liquids the chemical elixirs
The mixes the medicines the medical enigmas the stigmas
The whispers that let her know it's just us to witness this instance
That let alone eclipses
The sickness the liquids the chemical elixirs
The mixes the medicines the medical enigmas the stigmas
The whispers that let her know it's just us to witness this instance
That let alone eclipses existence
It's all beautiful (every facet of you) it's all beautiful
(every facet of us) it's all beautiful (every facet of her) it's all beautiful

Verse 1
Yo I'm star chasing my heart's racing a lost patient
Without a doctor just trying to conquer this strong agent
Coursing through my blood stream in bizarre stages
Even the thought of us being through these stark changes
Together makes it all painless and the scars
Which made me recall that weathering dissolves traces
Of a past life 'cause just last night your touch was enough
To thrust feathers in my vast plight
We clash like black and white but we stand tight
I can't fight this sickness yo the symptom's like a damn vice
Even your faults and and all your quirks
Defining stamps remind this man of what you're worth
Beyond beautiful I want you to know that through it all
We are suitable no love without a flaw's usual see
I was practically unsure before I knew that all you had for me was pure
So what I thought as sick was actually the cure


Verse 2
She's smiling now every ill inside my shell is silent
Her spell is chronic time will tell if I'll dispel its logic
Cause what we really feel we seal behind a veil and shroud it
And in its self this feeling's kinda melancholic
But I doubt it nah I know it for my damn self
The moment when our hands held the focus on my plans fell
The opiates my glands felt were potent so I can't tell
This dosage of emotions got me motionless I stand still
But a man's will is stoic as an anvil
So flowing like a poet yo I owe it to my damsel
So this song is you a work of art personified
Using an honest hue the bond we drew
Could last a life time I use my right mind when I write mine
So ain't no telling the path you might find you journey with me
But we could see what kind of world it could be
Though it's a blur there ain't no worry for me
Track Name: Art of Rap (ft. Halfcut)
Verse 1 (Halfcut)
A true master like Pete Rock that love when the beat knock
I'm Hip-hop from my fitted down to my Reeboks the art of rap
Laying down your vision on a track
While these DJ's dig for wax like some ancient artifacts
Running laps 'round these cats like the record ?
Chin checking 'em if they don't know what game they getting in
(yo!) if my pen's painting pictures and projecting them
Then I guess this beat's a two way mirror my thoughts reflected in
Got me questioning who on top and who's electing them
Cause no one's touched my raps ever since I first perfected them
Back in the day as a youngin' growing up doing shows
No one showing up now we got the crowd going buck
I'm a beast the type to pull the pin out with my teeth
Explosive launch grenades in the middle of the streets
Yo peace to all my homes rising up from underneath
Stay hungry for them beats and get prepared for the feast

Verse 2 (Hex One)
These frauds is taunted by fate but me I'm haunted by the artists I ate
I live my thoughts beyond a dollar sign's weight
Beside a dotted line's fake peons without a grind personify hate
You must be out of mind if I don't rhyme great we shine eons duke
Get your face mushed we apes on these strange cuts
So wake up and cop the tape for eight bucks you snake fucks
We only let you skate once it sucks get your stage flushed
It's straight but isn't making the place jump it ain't us
The flows we bust is dope enough to make the jakes rush
Like Michelange a master with the paint brush
Back in the day I just sat in class crafting a page
Packing rage like a rabid phantom trapped in a cage
Now I'm a monster charged with spittin' rhymes and mantras
Equipped with arms like Nicaraguan contras
Call the doctors for these minors trying to live this art of rap
Ironic how this beat can give a heart attack (word'em up son)
Track Name: Used to Be (ft. Tek-nition, Self The Bluest Eye)
Verse 1 (Hex One)
Formless figures in this dark abyss spawned with fingers
Born as diggers in this caustic mist the primordial triggers
From prime audio spinners to spitters to hoards of disks
To cosmic rifts just to keep an audience drawn with bliss
It begins through an infant galaxy's prevailing arms
Making songs with forces formulating covalent bonds
From a race that’s now erased and gone
And the eclectic yet neglected dialectic of these ancient psalms
He rose with prose before this sea of natives raised their arms and chose
The latest cars and clothes to weigh their cons and pros
And after all the hecklers of this rhyme craft
He still exhales the echoes of a time past and knows that though
This battered game is just a shadow of its former greatness
This ain't a battle just to scorn the fake shit we take it
From the dormant pawns that forfeit skill as they move through
To orbits that keep it real as they used to word bond

Chorus (x2)
A former shell of what it used to be
You swore it well but torn and frail is what it proves for me
Distorted tales of where these moves could lead
The stories tell the more it fell the more its roots could breathe

Verse 2 (Tek-nition)
She knows she's using her last paint brush smeared lipstick
Mixed in her MAC makeup to mask the last break up the past
This glass makes up for fashion panties yanked up her ass
This fast famous with class that crash and always laugh before destruction
Pure function that would ignore corruption but now it's poor production
Yearning more consumption right before she fucks him
She blasts his music really loud as the chorus thumps
In her soulless eyes a faint description of what she holds inside 
Obsessed her estrogen is wetter than forest stream
Her medicine's like Claritin Excedrin and Morphine
It's nothing new her pussy spreads like it’s a quarantine
A plague to force a scheme unto its death or to a dormant dream
Another up and coming rapper with a morbid theme
Who wants to shine like an aurora beam and put on for his team
Such an allure to take a bad step her soul purpose
To explicitly purchase his soul 'til his last breath  

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3 (Self the Bluest Eye)
Yo the Sharpie glisten so park it you gotta listen
I'm not a Christian but shit's been awfully gifted and so oddly lifted
That the starship's sitting side ways it sees it my way
The scripts the notes the first drafts and the colorful rhyme play
Observe it perfectly poetic and immersive
You hearing it one time and reminded later in first person
That's my word son sentence and punctuation these youngins hating
And stating fallacy and I don't feel up to wasting hard work
Cause being broke could make the stomach hurt
But starvation still ain't enough to make me wanna twerk and yo
Dudes fake and flirt with lakes of skirts but I
Relate from birth to death with rhymes that shake the earth
See I need this you bleed this overstand it how I sees this
It's like the truest love useless bunch you ain't even needed
You breathing my breaths I could be using to relieve the stress
The key is less more only ensures the game is death I miss how this used to be

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Rhythm of the Planet (ft. Tek-nition, D-Rev)
Verse 1 (Hex One)
Define simple when a rhyme sticks to the mind's temple
A fire's lit that could blind fictional ties to physical signs central
To your eye's visual be wise if you
Try to step to the mic it might resemble a Mayan ritual
Devise a stencil for lines describing what I've been through
Syllable science rips through typical spineless victims
You pitiful swine is just food for lyrical giant pit bulls
We give a flying shit stool what rhythm you guys spit to
Criminal iron fist rule animal prime my mandible's shrine
Was crafted like a caliber nine pistol
Capital crime limbo's the practical time window
For tracking divine instros with rather sublime tempos
My pride intrudes and fries the mentals I climb into
I try and include high induced with quiet pencils
You find issues with my credentials we buying missiles
If liars defy us with bias they could die eventful

In the midst of all the panic it's like we all blissfully outlandish
So we willingly continue all the damage
But hell I just light a L and flow to the visions of my plan
And bob my head to the rhythm of the planet
We living in the rhymes of a judgeless rule
Where we transcend from nothing into something new
My lifetime's just a sixteen bar verse with unstructured roots
But the dopeness of it's up to you

Verse 2 (Tek-nition)
Verses chatter out of my data box with facts
That my perfect patterns can paradox with aftershocks
Of split inconsistency from my scatter plot
Expand and catapult daggers to saturate your catalog
And lodge a catastrophic cannon ball in your abandoned lot (doc)
Documenting writtens my physics is cyber atomic
Designed to deposit paradigms from a scientist's office
Aligned and combined a Scientologist lion from Zion
With Mayan astrology defining this giant colossus
Colliding composites think you fly you can die in your cockpit
Denying can modify your diet this iron is toxic
Ironically thought to be a cross of a viable profit
Inside a sarcophagus a shrine and a bible of Gnostics 
Narcissistic martyr deciphering pliable clauses
That travel like a typhonic tidal inside your metropolis
Goliath leviathan swallowing islands and continents
The prime audio novelist given rhythm within the planets


Verse 3 (D-Rev)
My mind is designed to inflict defiance
Inside of a guys mental compliance and to
Provide the stressin' and higher lessons causing a psycho tension
On the lies you infuse I pry the tissues of blinded issues
I can provide the iron to rise and put an iron fist in the sky
To symbolize an alliance of civil minded men who ridicule
The simple witted as well as women who realize that we misuse
The gift of intuiton and inner vision
I compromise your social science designed by a tyrannical giant
Claiming the rights of the divine and the inhuman
Will and drive to bring little lives to a tribal genocidal life
And try to submit you to it and deintellectualize you and fit you to
A diabolical prison but align with me and I'll align with you
And in line we'll be lions who fighting a lie
And if the lying wins I'll lie with you cause I'll die with you
Ride with me and I will ride with you D-Rev

Track Name: Reminisce
Chorus (x2)
Yo I'm just fina let this flow set it step out the realm of the poetic
This game is trying to box me in but I won’t let it
So watch me give myself to y’all raw with no edits
Cause if there's something that you want yo you go get it

Verse 1
I still feel like I'm on my first year
This thought alone could make me burst tears
Not making it's the realization of my worst fears
Yo why did God put us on earth if it hurts here
And elders just advise yo ass to go to church yea
Right man I've been running all my life
Since a youngin I've been ducking all my plights
I'm exhausted now somewhere along the line
I lost this ground and all my force and drive I tossed it out
Fuck the cars and crowns cause yo regardless of what brauds I astonish
It'll always be their flaws I acknowledge was born honest
Yet I'm supposed to be that smart guy in college
But I'm a diamond in the rough I ain't polished
Shit no one is we take no shits yet no one gives
An eye for an eye and no one lives
So what's the basis this baited game is just confusion for the basic
Who's blinded by illusions of oases they look twice
That's why they perpetrate the crook life to lead your soul astray
Cause now a days it's selling for a good price
Yea today it's on but later on regret it
Yo the minute that I play this song forget it

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2
So what is life a small phrase containing so much but what's the whole fuss
I mean what was the trait that made it so rough
Why we do we hold such importance for nothing important
Thugging extorting to drugging and snorting
Our leaders are nothing more than exceptional schemers
Less than achievers when we should be professional dreamers
And our own schools teach us how to be clones with no tools
So we're either immature drones or just grown fools
Believing nothing with meaning or substance just deconstruction
With the youngsters looking up to the thieves and the hustlers
Eager discussions about major league teams in abundance
But never 'bout no politics we must be out of it
It's counterfeit society is blinded and we're proud of it
Regardless yo I gotta vent I mean this shit is absurd
They speak like being ignorant is superb
Then call you nerd like intellectual niggas is herbs
Saying we're in decline when the actual figures is blurred
So when I spit I'm pulling triggers with words yo
But ain't shit changed still the same script today gets praised
That's why this game's fit for dazed kids that ain't been raised but they've been
Molded for prison yet they think that they're rouges in the system
Scolded the wisdom but they chose to put holes in a victim
Yea today it's on but later on regret it
Shit the minute that I play this song forget it

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Lucid Dreams (ft. Tek-nition)
Verse 1 (Tek-nition)
Inhale nitrogen and exhale to Venus my brail distinction is only felt with fingers
Eyes is hopeless trying to cope the inner realms I dreamed in
I fell asleep with divine and sprouted the trail of Eden
I dwell in peace while my mind is clouded and Hell is freezing
Counting on bail locked in a cell my jail's my freedom
My only picture is holy scriptures to tell to Jesus
Landscape with the eagle eye and propel the region
Fuck handshakes from the evil guy of the devil's phoenix
Please ignorance is bliss as bliss is belligerent
Nations happy with war shit and piss on the citizens
Greed you get a whiff and get we just an experiment
We've just entered into mental misuse that's imminent
Thieves don't trust as far as can throw em
I feel the pressure at ease as I departed this poem
It still affected my schemes and gets as dark as the omen
That's when I tell em to leave this ain't the walk that I've chosen
I put my heart and my soul in Salvador Dali motionless with the melting clocks
Cascading while raft racing floating through Salem's lot
Pass Satan while hell is hot felt stagnated from the seldom shock
Fuck motionless I am fast pacing

Verse 2 (Hex One)
I'm jotting actions in my sketch book while acting out the tangents that my text took
These clouds could act as accents for my stressed look
My life is full of ups and downs like chess rooks and it’s coming at me sideways
My crown's what keeps me grounded on these fly days I find ways
To keep me on the grind cause spending time pays
This ain't no social network give me my space the sly ace
I scribble brittle riddles in your mind's page my lines lay on cloud nine
The inner realm of where the crimes stay is outside
My coded flow could make it colder in the south side
Your flow just leaves a boa with its mouth wide (you prey)
To Jehovah yo it's 'bout time you pray never doubt mine
Without spines you lay I'm about rhymes today you will get outshined
My word is bond like glue my heart is true the goal was just to scar your crew
But yo regardless you're a target too motionless trust I thrust (word)
When it's that time I don't discuss I bust you heard?
Track Name: Realities
Verse 1
Yo its like he's living in Cybertron the home of psychos and impersonators
Vipers and ‘em terminators fighters with the thirst for papers
Where a violent crime is common in the search for wages
Despite the times eyo he finds himself immersed in pages
Trying to find a method to see his grind reflected
Design his fate and calculate a rhyme that I suggested
The only factor in the climb is the time invested
But he's a raptor in his prime that got his mind infested
With the evils this kid done got him self addicted
With that lethal shit injected with the needles
Now he's well connected with the weasels neglected by his peoples
Disrespected and rejected by his equals son
They put him on blast he walks the gravel on his own
They say he's just a brat that travelled down the wrong path
So every night this kid fights with his likeness
His conscious tries to tell him that he's righteous but my nigga we

Verse 2
The verbal face mask blurting slurred words and fake chants
He maps the turf to observe the snake tracks
That’s left behind by all the friends that lied and swore their set's beyond just riding
But this promise got him sticking out his neck without them
All alone like he was thrown in outer space
Without a place to call a home roaming now he's gone cold
And in time that sentiment will grow potent
Cause now the windows to their souls opened
So there's no coping they say its only the eyes
That let you see the fraud beyond the disguise
Yo he's on to these spies evil shape shifters flakes and innate drifters
Trying to get him for all the gold that he hides
But he loses hope the more that he tries I seen him holding chrome
To the dome of a clone he's known to despise
So here's a quote for the wise be advised
See through the scope that he implies and realize that...

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